Diamond Cut

The cut is what makes a diamond beautiful.  No matter what color or
clarity a diamond has it will not be beautiful unless it is cut to
perfection.  Diamonds are cut according to an exact mathematical
formula.  A finished diamond has 58 "facets," which are the small, flat
polished planes cut into a diamond, so that the maximum amount of light
is reflected back to the viewer's eye.  This reflection is called
"brilliance," and is extremely important in evaluating the quality of a
diamond.  The widest circumference of a diamond is the "girdle."  Above
the girdle are 32 facets plus the "table," the largest and topmost
facet.  Below the girdle there are 24 facets plus the "culet," or
point.  Cut also deals with the shape of the diamond.  Traditional
shapes are round, emerald, marquise, pear, oval and heart.  Also
popular today are cushion cut diamonds.  Most service award jewelry
will have round, brilliant cut diamonds.

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